Thursday, July 4, 2013

Are Contest Wins Taxable In Canada?

Are Contest Wins Taxable in Canada?

In Canada, anything you win through a contest is NOT taxable!  You do not have to claim it as income on your income tax.  However, if you earn money, and invest it, the interest you earn on the principal are taxable, unless you invest in a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).  

Increase Your Income Through Contests!

You probably won't win straight up cash (but you might!), but you can win gift cards, products and experiences!  These "extras" are a great way to increase your income, especially if the prize is for something you would have already spent money on!  You can then allocate that money to somewhere else in your budget.  

You can also win for things that are above and beyond what your normal spending habits would entail.  For example, I have won tickets to concerts (eg one of favorite Canadian jazz bands Manteca) and sporting events (eg FIFA U19 when it was in Toronto) that I love to attend, but can't justify spending money on regularly.

But...I Never Win Anything.

So many people don't enter contests because they assume that they won't win anything.  But you CAN'T win anything if you don't enter!  So enter! Enter contests for that have prizes of things that you would use or would like. (Or that you know someone who would use the prize!)  Don't enter for things that you don't want.  Leave those contests to be entered by those who will actually appreciate the prize if they win!

What Have You Won? What Would You Like to Win?

What have you won?  I want to know! Tomorrow I will share with you a list of things that I have won in the last six months. 

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