Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greyhound Facility Fee Adds $5.00 To RoundTrip Ticket

I've done a lot of travelling this week!  To Toronto twice, and Ottawa for a day as well.  For one of my Toronto trips, I took the Greyhound bus in.  It's a nice direct trip with only one quick stop in Scarborough along the way, which makes for a nice time to relax and nap.  They also have plugin outlets at every seat, along with free wifi, which means you don't have to worry about your devices losing charge during the trip, AND you have access to data to browse the web.

I typically take Greyhound into Toronto a couple times a year.  What has changed since my last trip is a new fee that I was not aware of.  On a round trip ticket that is $26 before taxes, an extra $5.00 "facility fee" was added.  That's a 19% increase before taxes for a facility fee.

When I looked up info on their website it says:

Note: A Facility Fee of $2.50 for one way and $5 for round trips will be charged in addition to the cost of the ticket or tickets purchased. Facility Fee are taxable fees. This facility fee will be used to provide ongoing maintenance, service and operation of the bus terminal building.
Really Greyhound?  Honestly, for short trips, this is a huge increase of fees/fares.  Why not just increase your fees by 3% of 4% over all your services (short trips, long trips, and courier services) and build this facility fee into your pricing?  

For my next trip, instead of automatically taking Greyhound, I will be investigating the cost of GO transit as well.  From here it means a combination of a bus and train trip, but the pricing may be better.

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