Thursday, December 6, 2012

Financial Goals for the New Year for Income

Do you have any financial goals for the new year?

One of mine has to do with where my income is coming from.

An approximation of my income from 2012 is:
  • 79% from primary job.
  • 12% from secondary job.
  • 5% from self-employment.
  • 4% from EI (I was on maternity leave for the month of January)
This is gross income from jobs, not including benefits and gross EI payments. Self employment is income after expenses (but not including cell phone, and before out of home expenses)...otherwise it would currently be registering at 0% because my cell phone and out of home expense deductions would wipe it all down to 0 taxable income!
I'd like to be able to have that first amount of income from primary job drop to about 70%.  My hope is that I can increase the self-employment amount from 5% of my income to about 15%.  Self-employment including cell phone expenses would be even better!

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