Thursday, December 11, 2014

Use Direct Deposit for Canadian Federal Government Payments

Direct Deposit or Cheque

Our family is a one car family. My husband works Monday - Friday 9-5, and I work shift work, typically evenings and weekends. With one vehicle, this can make running errands difficult!

Thankfully, going to the bank is one of those things that we don't have to do very often, thanks to a combination of direct deposit and e-transfers of money.

Most of my clients from my self-employment work now pay me either using cash or e-transfer. Many don't even own cheques. They are becoming obsolete. I still use them, but more rarely than I did in the past.

Government Cheques

Growing up, "baby bonus", now known as Child Tax Benefit, would be received by cheque monthly through the mail. As a teen, my mother would occasionally sign the cheque over to me to deposit. I'm pretty sure I had a debit card before she did, and I was able to deposit the cheques into my account after regular banking hours using the new-back-then "bank machines", that we all now are very well accustomed to using.

Most people get paid by their employer by direct deposit, The federal government is in the process of changing over payments to direct deposit as well. Tax refunds, Child Tax Benefit, Universal Child Care Credit, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension and more.  Make sure to sign up soon, to not miss any payments.

It currently costs the government 83 cents for every payment they make by cheque, and only 11 cents for every payment made by direct deposit. The government estimates that the switch to direct deposit by Canadians who have not done so yet will save taxpayers $17 million each year.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

1) If you have someone do your taxes each year, they can set you up for direct deposit if you ask them to. Just provide them with a voided cheque.

2) Online If you are registered for Canada Revenue Agency's My Account, you can sign up for direct deposit now. If you aren't registered, look into it. It can be a useful tool!

3) By mail. Fill out the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form and mail it in.

4) By phone. To sign up for direct deposit, or change your banking information, call 1-800-959-8281


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