Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beginners Yoga Adventures

I recently started taking a weekly beginners yoga class at the local YMCA.  I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I've never taken yoga before, and I wasn't quite sure what I was signing up for!

The movements are all done very slowly in this class, and you hold them for a seemingly long time.  It's probably not that long, but my muscles are weak and unused, and it feels like forever holding some of these positions!

The teacher said that she would be concentrating on different parts of the body each week, in order to give us a good balanced introduction.  She was right!  Every Wednesday, after my Tuesday night class, I am SORE!  The first week my back cracked, cracked, cracked during the session.  Last week, my legs were wobbly when I left class.  And today, my hips and upper arms are feeling it.

The first week of class had 6 women, but three of them seemingly disappeared after the first week.  I can't actually fathom paying for three months of classes and then not attending. What a waste of money!  Since the first class, one of the women has also had her father and brother sign up.  There is an intermediate yoga class offered as well, but I'm pretty sure based on the soreness factor that I may need to do the beginner class another session before contemplating going up in levels.

I did notice a tattoo on one of the class members the other night.  I knew I recognized the symbol, but wasn't quite sure from what.  I was intrigued enough that I did a google images search for "symbol with red M", and immediately the symbol popped's the Ironman symbol.  I see a Red "M" with a dot on top, but I think you are supposed to see a person's head and torso.  And yes, I was familiar with it because I visited Mont Tremblant a couple years ago a few days before their Ironman competition, and the signs with this symbol were everywhere there!

Ironman Logo - Even Athletes Take Beginners Yoga!

So, I guess beginners yoga is for a wide variety of people, from unathletic people like myself, to past Ironman competitors!

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